Why a Coach?

What is a Coach?

A great coach is someone who has no agenda except to help the client achieve what they would like to achieve. My specialization is mental wellness life coaching. I work with those who understand how important mental wellness is and want to obtain the highest level of wellness.

My expertise is using a strength-based approach. Everyone has strengths and as we explore them through the process of coaching we identify what is working, build on them, and develop skills and strategies based on the goals the client wishes to achieve.

A coach is not a therapist or doctor. I do not diagnose or prescribe medication. I understand when a challenge is beyond my scope of training and will let a client know that. Often clients work with me as well as a therapist, doctor, and/or a mentor (sometimes a "sponsor" in a program). This is based on what a client feels is the most effective support for themselves.

As a coach, I am an objective, compassionate, empathetic, and nonjudgmental trained professional who works with a client collaboratively to help bring out their strengths in order to find creative solutions. You have the power. Let's take it to the next level!

"The greatest gift life could have made to you is the creation of yourself. You are a spontaneous, self-choosing center of life, in the greatest drama of being, the great joy of becoming, the certainty of eternal passion."