Timothy is the missing piece of the puzzle in my recovery journey. I worked the steps of my program diligently but there were some parts of my life, specifically my professional life, that were not in balance despite my best efforts. He has given me additional tools to put in my tool bag. They were already there inside of me all along, but through his questioning and guidance, he helped bring them to the surface. We then work as a team to come up with a specific plan, taking small manageable steps to make progress. One of my favorite things about Timothy is that by the end of our session there is no ambiguity as to what my next step is to be. We don’t spend time just talking. We spend time problem-solving. He helps me live in the solution, not the problem. Timothy is balanced in his coaching. He is understanding and empathetic but doesn’t mince words, and he never asks more than I able to give. He challenges me to take risks and face fears. Timothy has also taught me to celebrate my accomplishments, and there have been many since he started coaching me. I have seen significant positive changes in my relationships with my colleagues and my ability to be a part of the team. My confidence level has increased even when I become fearful. It helps to know that I have a scheduled weekly meeting with Timothy when circumstances become challenging. I know that the circumstance is temporary and my coach will be there to help me uncover the tool I need to succeed. I highly recommend Timothy as a coach to anyone who is seeking to maintain balance in any aspect of their lives.

Heather, Teacher

Powerful Coaching!!!

I worked with Timothy for several months in order to learn how to productively express my inner self. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist by trade, but I have struggled over the years to connect with myself as a musician, (which I have discretely been all of my life, while never allowing myself to express it enough). Although I have a meaningful profession and am already proud of my accomplishments, I have had a longtime need to bring to surface my musical aspirations. While being coached by Timothy, I found that he had the ability to help me break down obstacles that I faced on a practical level in a very personable manner. We explored the mental roadblocks I had endured, processed them, and constructed realistic ways to achieve my musical goals. Timothy was able to help me reevaluate the way I looked at my perceived obstacles in order for me to have a positive outlook and really understand that my goals were achievable.

On a different note, Timothy helped me creatively organize my schedule in order to work through real obstacles that got in the way of my musical endeavors. He has impeccable organizational skills. Timothy really understands how to take a very busy schedule and find creative ways to manage it. Because of this, I learned through Timothy how to create meaningful time that I didn’t realize existed, and use it to work on my musical craft.

Working with Timothy has been an incredible journey in reexamining my desires, my creative needs, and myself as an artist and person. What once was an anxiety-provoking dream has now become valuable and productive playtime, and it has enhanced the quality of my life. It is also the balance that is important for me to recalibrate so that I can also continue to help my own clients through therapy at the highest level possible. Music, like everything else in life is a process. What I’ve gained through my time being coached by Timothy is a skill to allow the process to take its course, and not judge myself while doing so. By taking this new approach, I have learned with Timothy’s help to allow myself to experience a wonderful journey.

Timothy is an excellent teacher. He is personable and also to the point. While working with him, he allowed me to hold myself accountable for my destiny, and he also held himself accountable as my coach. He has been very much vested in my success during the months we worked together. His sense of humor and positive outlook really came through at times when I doubted myself the most. All of the efforts on his end gave me the resilience needed to feel accomplished in something that I truly love. Thanks again, Timothy. I am happy to have the opportunity to write this testimonial, and I am excited for the future clients that will have the privilege to work with you moving forward!!

Marc, Marriage and Family Therapist

Timothy Bishop has been a peer coach since 2012. In addition to providing Master Mind support, he coached me through a very difficult loss and transition. I find Timothy to be an excellent listener: empathic and always actively engaged. An important feature of a good coach is someone who is present with the process. That is Timothy all the way. Because that is the way he shows up, he is very intuitive and insightful. That has helped me broaden my perspective where I may be stumbling over an issue. He has a tool chest full of excellent coaching skills. I think you will find Timothy the kind of coach you want in your corner!

Lynette, Retirement Coach

For the past couple of years, Timothy has been an exceptional mentor to me. His kindness and willingness to share his own experiences and wisdom while listening closely are all qualities I have learned from. He has always tried to help me become a better version of myself rather than trying to mold me into his perspective. His constant nonjudgmental support has been invaluable. Our regular ongoing conversations have helped me grow immensely. Over the past few years, my depression has grown and I've acted out because of it. Not once has he given up on me, he's been my number one supporter and I'm grateful to have him in my corner.

Hannah, age 19